Find Some Motivation

I know from experience that sometimes advice given seems like it’s just recycled and repeated, and that no one cares. But stopping and thinking about it, if someone is trying to help you, they’d have to care at least a little bit. If you’re struggling through depression or even being bullied, at least take into consideration what advice is given. What would you want to be told in their situation?


I haven’t been “bullied”, but I did bully myself. I have juvenile diabetes, and growing up I never felt like I fit in. The constant visits to the nurses office, not getting to eat lunch with my friends, and missing recess, made me feel like I had no true friends. I was behind in my reading because I missed Pre-K, and I felt like the only people who understood me were my teachers.  In return, I felt like I needed to make people like me. I put myself down, but to make myself feel better, I put others down.


It was mainly fun, I mean getting 2 elementary school girls to have a cat fight was pretty funny to watch. My fourth grade teacher opened my eyes up a little bit, she taught me that a secret was an honor to have, and to this very day I do not tell a secret and I can’t break a promise. Although my teacher helped me to see that, she wasn’t the reason I quit bullying people around me and even myself, it was my grandpa.


He had died that year, and I promised myself that I would show others the love he showed me. My motivation was my grandpa, so perhaps my overall advice would be to find motivation to do better not only for others, but also yourself.

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Challenge 2

Well, It’s been a couple days since the first challenge was posted. Now it’s time for the second challenge. For this challenge we want you to go and talk to someone new. This can be someone that no one talks to, or just someone you haven’t really talked to ever. We want you to do this because this can really brighten someones day. That person could be going through a really hard time or just needs someone to talk to. Once you do this come back and tell us about your experience.

Challenge 1

So, now that you know who we are it is time for a challenge. Today’s challenge is to simply compliment someone. This can be a compliment on their appearance, something they did, or anything, just simply compliment them. Once you do this, come back and comment about your experience. Also, don’t forget, if you have a story you would like to share with us comment so we can get it up on the site.


Hello, we are URImportant. We are a group of high school students that are against bullying. On this website we hope to encourage people to stop bullying and to help people that are being bullied. With this site we are going to post challenges, quotes, and possibly videos. We wish to make a difference in the world, but we need your help. Please, don’t just read posts from this website and think about making a difference, go and make one. So, please post comments and let us know if you have a story you would like to share.